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Journal Entries for 2016-10 TCS-NatGeo Around the World Expedition
OVERALL SUMMARY: We flew from SNA to Washington, DC (Journal #3) to meet with TCS/National Geographic for an Around the World by Private Jet Expedition. We flew to DC five days early so that we could see some of Washington, DC before we left on our expedition.

While we were in Washington, DC, we visited the National Air & Space Museum (Journal #4-#5). We walked to see the Washington Monument, National WWII Memorial, Lincoln Memorial (Journal #6). We had prearranged a tour of the Capitol Building (Journal #7) and Library of Congress (Journal #8). On the way back to the hotel, we visited the International Spy Museum (Journals #9-#10). We didn't rent a car, so we rode the HopOn HopOff bus for two days. We rode the bus to see the Larz Anderson House, the National Zoological Park, the National Cathedral and Georgetown (Journal #11). The next day we rode the bus to visit the Thomas Jefferson Memorial, Pentagon, U.S. Air Force Memorial, Arlington Cemetery, and Iwo Jima Statue (Journal #12). We also went by the Union Station, Ford Theater and the house where Lincoln died (Journal #13).

We'd seen DC, now it was time for our expedition. We met the Expedition Team and had a tour of the National Geographic offices (Journal #14). Our Expedition Team was Richard Butler (Expedition Leader), Giselle Gonzales (Asst Expedition Leader), Leslie Knopfler (Asst Expedition Leader) and Dr. Chadd Nelson (Expedition Physician). Darrod (later replaced by Chloe) was with TCS and handled our passports. Our National Geographic Experts are Don Belt, Tierney Thys and Sisse Brimberg. We also have two National Geographic Hosts. George Stone traveled with us to Easter Island and Susan Goldberg traveled with us from Tibet back to Washington, DC.

Our first destination was Cusco, Peru (Journal #15) for 2 days/3 nights. The first day we went to Chincero (Journal #16) in the morning, then Korikancha and the Basilica de la Catedral (Journal #17) in the afternoon. The next day we drove to Ollantaytambo (Journal #18) and rode the Hiram Bingham train to Machu Pichu (Journals #19-#20).

Our second destination was Easter Island, Chile (Journal #21) for 1 day/2 nights. We went to the Tahai National Park and the Rano Raraku quarry (Journal #22), then to Ahu Tongariki & Anakena Beach (Journal #23). The day of departure, we got up really early and went back to Ahu Tongariki for the sunrise (Journal #24) and then went to Orongo (Journal #25) before leaving Easter Island.

Our third destination was Samoa (Journal #26) for 1 night. We got in late, got up in the morning to snorkel (Journal #27), and left. This was a real quick stop.

Our fourth destination was Australia's Great Barrier Reef (Journal #28) for 1 day/2 nights. We went on a semi-submersible and then went snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef (Journal #29), which was a disappointment. The next morning, we went to the Wildlife Habitat (Journal #30) on our way to the airport.

0002-Map of Around The World.JPG

0507-C&N at White House, DC.JPG

1097-C&N on terrace, Machu Picchu.JPG

1516-C&N & moai at Ahu Tongariki, Easter Island.JPG

1965-C&N snorkeling, Samoa.JPG

2243-C&N snorkeling at GBR, Port Douglas.JPG
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