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0003-Map to Singapore.JPG0004-Singapore title page.JPG0008-Our room, Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore.JPG0009-Our room, Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore.JPG0011-View from our room, Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore.JPG

0012-View from our room, Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore.JPG0014-Laundry returned, Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore.JPG0024-View from bus, Singapore.JPG0025-View from bus, Singapore.JPG0026-View from bus, Singapore.JPG

0027-View from bus, Singapore.JPG0031-National Orchid Garden title page.jpg0032-Map of Singapore.jpg0033-Carl in National Orchid Garden, Singapore.JPG0034-National Orchid Garden, Singapore.JPG

0036-National Orchid Garden, Singapore.JPG0037-National Orchid Garden, Singapore.JPG0038-National Orchid Garden, Singapore.JPG0039-Nancy in National Orchid Garden, Singapore.JPG0042-National Orchid Garden, Singapore.JPG

0043-Carl in National Orchid Garden, Singapore.JPG0044-National Orchid Garden, Singapore.JPG0045-Nancy in National Orchid Garden, Singapore.JPG0049-View from bus, Singapore.JPG0052-View from bus, Singapore.JPG

0053-View from bus, Singapore.JPG0054-Mosque from bus, Singapore.JPG0055-Tall windows 1920s from bus, Singapore.JPG0057-Bleachers from bus, Singapore.JPG0058-View from bus, Singapore.JPG