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Journal Entries for 2013-12 Mexico Cruise-Family (Michael)
Summary: We boarded the Carnival Miracle.

Sunday, Dec 29th: Michael and Nancy came to our house about 11:00am. We took the car seats out of their car so we could use them in Andy's car. Andy picked us up in the limo at 12:00 noon ($190) and took us to the Long Beach harbor. This is where we were to board the Carnival Miracle for our 7-day cruise.

We were supposed to be able to board at 1:00pm, but there was a several hour delay in the boarding process. The rumor was there was a medical emergency onboard and it delayed the debarkation of the previous cruise guests. Michael and Nancy got special service because of the kids and they boarded about an hour ahead of us. They went to get something to eat while they waited for us. We grabbed something to eat on the pier, but then the line started moving. Anyway, we finally boarded about 2:30pm.

We got settled in our room. Our rooms were adjacent with a connecting door on the balcony, but we didn't have a connecting door in the rooms. Michael and Nancy had the same sized room, but it was set up for families. Instead of a couch, they had a bed for Ethan. They also requested a crib for Lucas. This worked out really well.

We sailed at 4:30pm as the sun was setting. After watching the departure, Ethan woke up and we went to dinner at the buffet.

Monday, Dec 30th: We had an At Sea day. We started getting used to the ship and how to find our way around. We had a good breakfast and took a walk around the top deck.

Michael took Ethan to the pool while Grandpa and I observed and took pictures. Ethan loved running around and around in the pool. There was a small area around the raised spa and he must have gone at least a couple of miles. We got tired just watching him. But he took a really good nap after that!!

013-Andy's limo.JPG

021-Carnival Miracle at dock, Long Beach.JPG

048-Nancy & Grandma with Ethan (2.5 yrs) & Lucas (6 mos) on deck.JPG

054-Ethan (2.5 yrs) at pool.JPG
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