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Journal Entries for 2011-07 Germany Part II

We spent a few days with Michael, Nancy & Ethan to get over jet lag. Then we flew to Copenhagen and embarked on an 11-day Baltic Sea cruise on the Emerald Princess. We went to Oslo, Norway; Aarhus, Denmark; Berlin (Warnemunde); Tallinn, Estonia; St. Petersburg, Russia; Helsinki, Finland; Stockholm, Sweden and back to Copenhagen, Denmark. We spent a few more days with Michael, Nancy & Ethan again. Then we rented a car and went on a 4-week road trip around Germany.

Journals 2-6: We left for our road trip on Sunday. We started driving 190 miles to Berlin (Journals 2-5) and 130 miles to Dresden (Journal 6).

Journals 7-10: Then we left Germany, driving 100 miles to Prague.

Journals 11-52: We returned to Germany driving 190 miles to Nurnberg (Journals 11-13), 40 miles to Rothenburg (Journals 14-15), 165 miles to Schwangau area (Journals 16-18).

Journals 19: We actually left Germany again and passed through Austria and Switzerland (Journal 19).

Journals 20-52: We drove 285 miles from the Schwangau area in Bavaria to the Black Forest area (Journals 20-29), 125 miles to Heidelberg (Journal 30), 100 miles to the Rhine River Valley (Journal 31-46), and 41 miles to the Mosel River Valley (Journal 47-52).

Journal 53-54: Then we drove 360 miles back to Hamburg for a week or so. Michael was in Mexicali the last 4 days of our trip, but we visited with Ethan (and his mommy)!!

We flew home on August 25th.

2073a-Representation of Checkpoint Charlie, Berlin.jpg

2408a-C&N in 1928 Ford, Prague Castle, Castle Square, Prague.jpg

3566a-C&N, Christoph with our clocks, Schonach.jpg

4498a-Our room, Liebenstein Castle, Rhine.jpg
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