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Journal Entries for 2011-07 Baltic Sea Cruise Part I

Journals 2-6: We spent 5 days with Michael, Nancy & Ethan to get over jet lag. We did some exploring on our own because Michael was busy with work and Nancy was busy with her work (i.e. Ethan) until the weekend. One day we walked went to the Rathaus and got used to the S-Bahn train system. Then we went to the Port of Hamburg and St. Michael's Church. On Saturday we all went to Hafen City for the day.

Journals 7-17: Sunday (July 3rd) we flew to Copenhagen for three days. We went on a canal cruise at Nyhavn and saw the Rosenborg and Amelianborg Castles. We took a bus tour north of Copenhagen to the Frederiksborg Castle, the Fredenborg Castle and the Kronborg (better know as the Hamlet) Castle. We also saw the famous Little Mermaid statue and the changing of the guards at the Amaliensborg Royal Palace.

Journals 18-39: Thursday (July 7th) we embarked on an 11-day Baltic Sea cruise on the Emerald Princess. Our ports of call were Oslo, Norway (Journals 19-23); Aarhus, Denmark (Journal 24); Berlin (Warnemunde), Germany (Journals 25-27); Tallinn, Estonia (Journals 28-29); St. Petersburg, Russia (Journals 30-37); Helsinki, Finland (Journal 38); Stockholm, Sweden (Journal 39) and back to Copenhagen, Denmark. We've included a favorite or best representative picture from each port.

Journals 40-42: We flew back to Hamburg on Monday, July 18th. We spent a few more days with Michael, Nancy & Ethan again. We rented the car a day early (and got a babyseat for just one day) and went on a day trip to Luneberg with them on Saturday.

Then we went on a 4-week road trip to Berlin, Dresden, Prague, the Black Forest, the Rhine River Valley, and the Mosel River Valley. We returned to Hamburg for a week or so. Michael was in Mexicali the last 4 days of our trip, but we visited with Ethan (and his mommy)!! We flew home on August 25th. Journals for this part of the trip are in the 2011-07 Germany album.

1992a-Mom & Dad loving Ethan (2.5 mos), Hamburg, July 21.jpg

0247a-Nyhavn from tour boat, Copenhagen.jpg

0742a-Carl and Tune ship, Viking Ship Museum, Oslo.jpg

0814a-City street from bus, Aarhus.jpg

0936a-Schwerin Castle from boat, Schwerin Lake, Schwerin.jpg

1161a-View of Lower Town from Upper Town, Tallinn.jpg

1273a-Peterhof Palace from gardens, St. Petersburg.jpg

1735a-Porvoo, near Helsinki.jpg

1849a-Palaces from tour boat, Stockholm.JPG
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