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Journal Entries for 2010-10 Egypt
Summary: We flew to JFK and spent a day in New York.

Wednesday, Oct 6th (1st night-New York): We flew from SNA on a direct flight to JFK (5 hours). We got in about 10:00 p.m. and spent the night at a Fairfield Inn really close to the airport. We called for the Fairfield Inn shuttle pick-up. We were really glad to get to our room. We showered and went to bed.

Thursday, Oct 7th (2nd night-plane): We had 24 hours to spend in NY. We had arranged an OnBoard Tour of New York ($85/pp) on a tour bus. We chose one that had a guide who hopped on and off with us. There were lots of buses with hop-on and hop-off, but reviews indicated that sometimes it takes 2-3 busses before there are any seats available. We got up early enough for a quick breakfast at the hotel. Then we caught the hotel shuttle back (free) to the airport because it was a flat rate of $45 by taxi from the airport to downtown. It took over an hour to get downtown with the traffic. We were dropped off right at the tour bus. Our bus was loaded up and ready to go about 20 minutes early. We were in a group of 35 people.

Our tour started by driving down Broadway, made famous by all the Broadway Theaters. We drove by Times Square and got a quick picture of the tower where the ball is dropped on New Year's Eve. The guide said Times Square is crowded with people on New Year's Eve, but none of them from New York. LOL!!

The bus stopped and we got out to walk around at Central Park. Across from Central Park is where John Lennon lived and was shot. His widow, Yoko Ono, still lives up on the 7th floor. The bus turned around while we were walking around and it picked us up across the street from where we got off. This was great because we didn't have to backtrack. This was a very efficient tour!!!

We drove by St. Patrick's Cathedral and it was hard to get a picture, but then got out to walk around at Rockefeller Center. This is where the big Christmas tree is set up at Christmas and the skating rink that is shown in so many movies. We lost three people from the tour here. The guide called headquarters and made arrangements to pick them up at the next stop.

0038-John Lennon's apt, NY Tour.jpg

0041-St. Patrick's Cathedral, NY Tour.jpg

0045-Rockefeller Center, NY Tour.jpg

0047-Rockefeller Center, NY Tour.jpg
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